Luka Batista Ensemble

Luka Batista Ensemble aims to create a cinematic experience, an aural equivalent of an adventurous space exploration beyond the solar system, on a search for earth-like exoplanets, with the main focus being the journey itself, rather than the final destination.

The sextet, based on the instruments of the “traditional jazz guitar trio” is empowered by a bowed string section, with the occasional addition of computer-controlled live electronics – this allows Batista to create a radical exploration into a rich universe of sound colors. This blend of sounds and structures originating from the jazz and contemporary classical music worlds, is particularly influenced by the work of composers commonly associated with spectralism, an aesthetic / compositional approach where timbre is one of the most prominent musical elements.

The ensemble was formed in Fall 2016 and consists of an international group of highly versatile musicians whom Batista met during his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Luka Batista (Slovenia) – guitar/live electronics
Sarah Claman (New Zealand) – violin
Laura Hovestadt (Germany) – viola
Pau Sola Masafrets (Spain) – violoncello
Brodie Jarvie (Scotland) – double bass
Robin van Rhijn (Netherlands) – drums